Personal Data Protection

Name, surname, telephone, e-mail necessary for the reception, processing, design of documents, publication on the Internet under the domain name requested by the customer, use of the management panel and operation of the related support system, in order to realize the website and related services and ensure their continuity.

In order to fulfill the relevant requirements of its customers in a timely manner, provide technical support or perform administrative operations, Kor Tasarım asks for the company name, address, name, surname, job description, landline and GSM numbers and email addresses of the authorized persons. This collected information is only for the purpose that the service can be performed within Kor Tasarım. It will never be disclosed to third parties, used for commercial purposes or sold for purposes other than the activity.

Customer information may be disclosed to official authorities only if such information is duly requested by the official authorities and in cases where they are obliged to make a declaration to the official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable mandatory legislation.

In addition to the Content Management System (CMS) software within the web services, Kor Tasarım also uses external services to provide the requested services related to this service. The Amazon Cloud Server services with which the Software is integrated are used to provide services to customers requesting the email service using the Yandex service, and to provide services using the Google Analytics service when tracking visitor statistics is requested. The operation, data collection and privacy policies of these externally used services are not under the control and responsibility of Kordesign.