Digital Marketing

Google Ads

For people who want to buy products or services, it is now very easy to use Google search to find your business and become a customer. The best start to benefit from Google Ads services is to work with a professional company. When people want to buy a product or service, they search Google. If your ad is properly and effectively planned, it will be displayed to users. You pay per impression or when users click on your ad. With Google Ads, you set your advertising budget. By setting a monthly budget limit, you prevent your ads from exceeding that limit. Also, you can adjust or stop spending on your ads at any time. Google Ads lets you create different types of ads. Since you can direct users to your website, you'll get more calls if you highlight your phone number. Likewise, with business ads you can make your customers find you more easily on maps and get more visits. Regardless of its purpose, Google Ads is one of the most powerful digital marketing methods. Call us to take advantage of our Google Ads services.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are one of the most effective ways to promote your products or services. For this, you can run sponsored ads on your Facebook or Instagram account. However, you must have a business/brand page linked to your personal account. Under normal circumstances, only people who like and follow your page will see your posts on your social media page. If you want to expose your products or services to a larger audience, you will need to run sponsored ads. Advertising services on social media contain many advertising guidelines and rules. Incorrectly created and optimized ads will not be published, and your accounts may be suspended. You can get assistance from us in opening business or brand pages linked to your account and configuring your advertising setup and promotion.