Business E-mail

Company e-mails are the e-mail addresses you use in your company. These addresses, which include the domain extension you purchased, are an important part of your corporate identity. Company email addresses can be opened separately for company departments and company employees. As in the example of [email protected], department names can be used instead of the names of the company's employees.

To take advantage of corporate email services, you must first purchase a domain name. After purchasing your domain name, you will need an email hosting service. There are companies that offer this service for free or for a fee. If you want, you can set up and use your corporate email accounts for free through Yandex Connect. If you do not want to have difficulties with the installation and you are not sure what you are doing, you can get professional support from us.

Using corporate email services adds value to your business. You should prefer business email services to handle all internal correspondence in an orderly manner, ensure secure email exchange and create a trustworthy corporate image in the eyes of your customers.